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Presentation of Lighthouse Refuge Quilts

posted 27 Apr 2017, 04:56 by Jo McArdle   [ updated 27 Apr 2017, 05:05 ]

32 Quilts made by members of the Cotton Club Quilters were presented to Deborah Johnson at the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 19th April 2017
Deborah gave a talk about the refuge work and the families who will benefit from the donation of the Quilts

The members present nominated the Lighthouse Refuge as one of the Charities that the Quilt Show will raise money for and donate to
The other Charity selected was the Riding for the Disabled at Hollesley Bay, Suffolk

Both are local charities 

Speakers for 2017

posted 27 Apr 2017, 04:55 by Jo McArdle   [ updated 27 Jun 2017, 04:40 ]

19 July                   Karen Perry - J J Needles

16 August               Sarah Butters - local Feltmaker&  Artist

20 September       Sew Spiritual - Exhibit quilts based on Christian themes

18 October            Stuart Hillard - Appeared on the Great British Sewing Bee 

19 October            Stuart Hillard Workshop 

15 November        Tina - Needles & Sparkles - An Embroider's Tale

20 December        Xmas Meeting

Quilt Show 2018

posted 27 Apr 2017, 04:49 by Jo McArdle

Dates for the Diary

Friday 16th to Sunday 18th February 2018 @ the Community Hall, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Wadding for Members

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The wadding is for members only and is sold at cost price


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EACH Quilts

posted 10 Jun 2015, 05:51 by Jo McArdle

38 Quilts were presented to the East Anglian Children's Hospice in Ipswich at the Cotton Club Quilters Annual General Meeting held in May 2015.
The quilts were made by the members from fabric donated to the group from past members and those who had sadly passed away.
It was wonderful to see so many different patterns and fabrics used in the making of the Quilts.
Pictures are in the Gallery section

HERON'S PICTORIAL QUILT (a picture is on the Gallery page)

posted 10 Jun 2015, 02:45 by Jo McArdle   [ updated 26 Oct 2015, 07:00 ]

HERON'S PICTORIAL QUILT (a picture is on the Gallery page)
This pictorial quilt was started by one of the Cotton Club Quilters of Bredfield, Valerie Winchester.
Valerie died in 2014 and this quilt was found in an unfinished state. She 
was a long standing member and chairman of the group for several years.
It was handed to me by one of Valerie,s friends.
On close examination and realising how much work Valerie had already put into it,I felt that it should definitely be completed, in memory of her.
Valerie had obviously spent many hours on the project as she had pieced all the Herons together with her usual flair of style and colour and her love of nature.

I had to decide how to make the background and appliqué all the Heron,s onto it.
A border was added to reflect a picture frame and some quilting added to reflect the watery and marshy atmosphere of the picture.

I am sure Valerie would be pleased to know that it may give some people pleasure to view it.

Jean Minns. Cotton Club Quilters Bredfield, Woodbridge, 
Post Note - October 2015

This Quilt is to be hung in Ipswich Hospital
Where and when we will let you know


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