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Craft and Haberdashery Stall - Quilt show

posted 6 Oct 2017, 10:56 by Jo McArdle   [ updated 6 Oct 2017, 10:56 by Edd McArdle ]

February 16th, 17th and 18th February 2018

We are beginning to think about the Quilt Show for 2018, which may seem a long way off,  but actually it is now we should be thinking about turning out our sewing cupboards. It’s good to have a tidy up in the sewing room to see what you don’t need any more or maybe find that piece of fabric which could be turned into something to sell. You could make and sell something crafty or simply sell haberdashery that you no longer use.

Be aware that items sold on your behalf will have 20% commission deducted for our charities and 80% will be returned to you. However there are a few simple rules to follow:

· You must be a member of Cotton Club Quilters

· All items must be individually labelled with a swing tag that is easy to detach from the item when sold.

· The swing tag must have your name and telephone number on the reverse of the tag and the item details and price to be charged on the front.

· Only items priced £3 and over can be sold on this basis

We are hoping that you will consider donating some of your unwanted items to the stall to be sold 100% for the charities. So have a good clear out now and pass on good, clean items such as; fabric, threads, buttons, beads, patterns, tools, wool, books, magazines etc, etc. (Magazines will only be accepted as a donation to the show). Don’t forget to save all your scrap bits of cotton patchwork fabrics that can make up a ‘scrap bag’. These are very popular, attract people to the stall and raise a lot of money.

If you are donating all of the money from the sale of your items but would like the items returned to you after the event if they remain unsold then please –

· label items with a swing ticket with your name, phone number and the capital letter ‘R’ on one side

· on the other side write ‘QS’ and leave a space for the price (we will then know that all the money from the sale of the item is to go to the Quilt Show charities).

· DO NOT write ‘donation’ on the ticket as this makes the customer think they can offer a next to nothing donation i.e. 50p for the item and walk off with a bargain!!

If you wish to donate items (and don’t want them back if unsold) just hand them over to us to package and price.

Items can be given to Christine Norman, Mollie Smith or Sue Guppy from now onwards, please don’t leave it until the week before as we will have lots to do leading up to the show and don’t want to have to start sorting and packaging things at the last minute.

So get sorting…..

Any queries contact